What is the Valetudo ‘BodyAlign’ Program?

The ‘BodyAlign’ Program is a unique class combining Pilates, Power Yoga and FloorBarre  exercises to strengthen, lengthen, refine and hone the body. With a strong focus on structured breath work and mental discipline, the 55min session will take participants on a strength, endurance and flexibility adventure in self awareness; classes are structured to warm the body and build heat, focus the mind and hone the muscle with core and leg endurance, myo-fascial release and psychological flexibility techniques. Enjoy a single class or explore the full program working on core, hip, knee, hamstring care. Designed for all levels with strong focus on strength & endurance athletes body care as well as stress and anxiety management.

Like all physical activities, Yoga and Pilates based work relieve tension, releases toxins through sweat.

Reduces stress through key breathing techniques and due to the progressive strength and endurance building workload, burns more calories. Therefore these sessions will help with weight loss and creating a more defined long, lean body. Free of tension in key areas like the back, hips, shoulders and legs.

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