With isolation being mandatory across London and cities around the world going into lock down, what can seem like an already lonely place to be has now suddenly turned into a nightmare for many. There is hope though. You are getting this email because you either have trained with me in some capacity in the past or have expressed interest in my services. With workplaces, gyms and studios closing down, the usual places to feel ‘connected’ are no longer a healthy or viable option, for the foreseeable future. 
I will be offering online group sessions in real time via a conferencing platform.

How will it work?
Click the payment link below with the package option you wish to use;

from a single session,

  • 5 class pack
  • Back2Basics Yoga 4 week course
  • UNLIMITED sessions (choose from 52 classes over the next 4 weeks).
Isolation Plan
Name your dates

You will receive a link to the conference platform with a login code for the day you have chosen to attend.
On the day set up your mat on your favourite tranquil spot at home and your computer in eye-line and off we go.

This is a time to stay focused on your goals, stay connected t your routine and your community. Together we will support each other to do just that; Adapt and Overcome!

Timetable w/c 24th March

Thursday 26th
7.30am Altitude Centre [Dynamic Pilates] @altitudecentre
9am ValetudoVirtual [Yoga] @figure_genie
11am Box Mind Online [Strength & Conditioning] @theboxmind
Friday 27th
9am Box Mind Online [Meditation 45min] @theboxmind
10.30am ValetudoVirtual [Yoga] @figure_genie


Saturday 28th

10.30am ValetudoVirtual [Yoga 90min] @figure_genie

For more info or any concerns or if you are feeling isolated by this experience, contact me direct on: valetudoyoga@gmail.com

Timetable w/c 30th March

Tuesday 31st

7.30am ValetudoVirtual [Yoga] @figure_genie

1pm ValetudoVirtual [Yoga] @figure_genie


Wednesday 1st April

7.30am ValetudoVirtual [BARRE] @figure_genie

1pm ValetudoVirtual [Yoga] @figure_genie

5.30-7pm ValetudoVirtual [Yoga+ Meditation] @figure_genie


Thursday 2nd April

9am ValetudoVirtual [Yoga] @figure_genie

1pm ValetudoVirtual [BARRE] @figure_genie 

6pm ValetudoVirtual [Yoga- Beginners 4 week course] @figure_genie


Friday 3rd April

7.30am ValetudoVirtual [BARRE] @figure_genie

11am ValetudoVirtual [Yoga] @figure_genie

1pm ValetudoVirtual [Yoga] @figure_genie


Saturday 4th April

10am ValetudoVirtual [BARRE_BURN45] @figure_genie

11am ValetudoVirtual [Yoga] @figure_genie