Introduced to Ashtanga Yoga at ballet school in Queensland Australia, Sara Picken-Brown was struck with the control, strength and power required by this ‘discipline’. At the age of 17 the healing, spiritual and subtle benefits of the breath work were not understood. However, over the next 25years Yoga increasingly became a staple practice through both ballet and body-building careers. In 2015 Yoga was a popular class offered at her Melbourne studio along with dance and functional fitness. In 2019 Sara’s long dreamed of goal materialised with the completion of the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, through the London based Power Yoga Company in Fulham.

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“After practicing on and off for 25 years, 8 of those with a daily practice, I can personally affirm to the emotional and physical healing that Yoga has brought to my life. I have spent a lifetime pushing my physical and emotional body to the limits. I have always come back to Yoga to realign, recalibrate and rebalance all the areas that get out of whack; from big-city-living, stress, relationship ups and downs, physical injury management.. Yoga is my home-base and I am so grateful to be able to teach and share this healing gift with others”

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